I have been working with Jeanne over this past year during one of the most difficult times in my life. I know I would have made the moves I did and got the help and information I needed without her guidance. I honestly think she saved my life in certain respects. She hung in there with kindness and patience, and much welcomed humor from time to time. In all occasions, connecting with Jeanne and her guides gave me the ability to trust my own knowing–for while she is the cosmic fact checker, Jeanne also showed me how to trust my inner voice. I am in awe of her gifts and I am one of her biggest fans.

LH, recent 2014-2015 client

“I’ve known Jeanne for at least 6 years and I am always impressed with the guidance that comes through her. Not just the words but the energy that is transmitted throughout the session. I recommend most of my clients to Jeanne and her angels.”

Henrick Cervin, Licensed Spiritual Coach and Quantum biofeedback specialist

I had a reading with Jeannie Barnes while interviewing her for a book whose subject explored the world of metaphysical practitioners. It is my belief that her information comes from the most pure and loving source I have ever encountered.

Mary Wallace, Musician/Author

The greatest blessing that can be given to you is to allow that channel of recognition and acceptance to be opened within you wherein you may receive and return a love of the greatest intensity you can imagine and start to live that love, of your solar angel, that perfect being of light who is your guardian and who has been with you always. Let that contact through the clear channel of Jeannie Barnes, begin your conscious journey back to life, and back into your heart center, where you will always feel the light presence of your holy guide, as you begin spiraling up the curves of evolution.

Nannette Bevelander, New York

A reading with angelic channeler, Jeannie Barnes, gifts you with a direct connection to Heaven. Jeannie is a beautiful, loving, and caring soul who acts as a direct conduit to your angels, and provides a clear, eye-opening look at what is going on behind the scenes in your life. Each session begins and ends with a most loving and personal message from your angels. These parts of the reading always give me tears of joy, and is deeply touching like little else I’ve ever felt in my life. The angel being channeled then asks you to speak any questions you may have. I’ve worked with many channelers over the years, and no other reading has left me feeling as blissful or filled with clarity and understanding as Jeannie’s readings do. Jeannie, herself, is an angel on earth, and you will feel that divine spark every time you speak with her.

Mary Soliel, client and author of I Can See Clearly Now: How Synchronicity Illuminates Our Lives

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