Welcome to Angelic Channeler!

If you could speak with your angels and ask them anything you wanted, what would it be?
Would you ask about your health, love, abundance or your life’s purpose?

We all have the ability to connect with our angels, guides, masters and teachers. I can help you with this by channeling your angels and guides, allowing you to ask them questions that can help you in this life’s journey. I will translate the information to you as they speak. I can introduce you to your heavenly helpers, always with the goal in mind that eventually you will be able to recognize and hear them for yourself.



Mary Wallace and I have completed a new project. It is affirmations set to music.  Here is what the angels have to say: “Clear out the old thoughts and patterns and replace them with thoughts of  love, prosperity, gratitude and health. The spoken words are powerful and when repeated over time facilitate a shift in your thought patterns. Music, when  used for the light helps to soothe and nourish the soul. When used together they are powerful tools to truly help those beings on earth to release negative thought patterns and connect to the light within them. This allows them to experience a life of peace, love and joy.”

Mary is a very gifted and talented musician who has recorded numerous CDs. In her music you can feel the presence of angels.

The affirmations are available at

Click on the free download of “Creating World Peace” and see if there are any other affirmations that will help you manifest a shift away from stress and anxiety



The book I have been working on along with my dear friend Mary Wallace is ready. “Answers from the Angelic Realm”  is now available on BookBaby It is also available on ebooks at Amazon and other major outlets. The book contains questions that have been asked many times over the course of my work, such as: Why are we born on earth? What is heaven like?

It is channeled by Archangel Rafael who was an amazing loving source of information, being in those spaces was truly amazing.

In Loving Light