About Me and My Services


A little about me …

In February of 1999, while meditating, Jeannie began to speak in another language, one that she didn’t even understand, however she knew that it was coming from a Heavenly source and she was getting information. She soon realized that it was her path in life to help others hear what their angels and guides are saying to them. Ever since her awakening, she has spoken in this language, and while channeling, she interprets the information for her clients. It’s a beautiful and uplifting experience of gentle guidance and information. Her ultimate goal is to help people recognize the information and hear it for themselves.

What to Expect …

Receiving a channeling session is a beautiful and uplifting experience that you will remember forever. The information and guidance discovered in a session is useful in all aspects of your everyday life.

Channeling sessions are conveniently performed over the phone or in person at my location. A session will start with a simple prayer to ensure the information is coming from a source that we both feel comfortable with. I will continue with an initial message in a heavenly language that came to me in February of 1999. I will translate all information to you as the source intends. Next will be your opportunity to follow with any questions that you may have to ask the heavenly source. If you could ask anything you wanted, what would it be? In closing, we will ask your angels or guides if they have anything else to communicate to you.

Payments for sessions can be made by check or through Paypal. Clients can schedule a session and complete payment using Paypal through the Calendar page. Also, arrangements to mail a check payment can be made at time of session. Session duration and payment can be determined after session has ended. Payment address can be obtained by email.
Come and experience this rare opportunity of peace, love, and wisdom of the universal mind.